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And…. I am blogging on WordPress now!

Posted by blakhani on May 31, 2011

First of all, many thanks to all the friends and followers who always inspire me to share my knowledge with the world. In recent past I have been actively participating in MSDN forums and realized that there is so much knowledge to be shared. Many times I have to write same answer and then I need to search my old forum post to provide link. I was thinking of posting common scenarios on MSDN blog but some day or other, I need to start my own blog. Few of my friends have been blogging on WordPress and I heard good feedback about it. So, here I am… starting my new blog on 
My old blog is still alive and will do cross posting there.

Balmukund Lakhani


8 Responses to “And…. I am blogging on WordPress now!”

  1. Vishal said

    Great.. Good to have you here…

  2. Sakthi said

    Thanks for your efforts in helping the Community…

  3. blakhani said

    Thanks Vishal.

  4. mark said

    really good post – helped me a lot!

  5. Hey i just seen u r Video tuotorial on managing SQL Resource using Resource Goverence .. In this session you are using SQL server solution for Demo Purose which have various scripts … Can we have those script for more help and gathering knowedge !!

  6. Hi,
    Just came across your blog, really nice and inforamtive posts.

    Appreciate your efforts for sharing your vast knowledge and contributing to the SQL community.

  7. bhupendra singh said

    Started reading today and Really liking it

  8. Hello, if i may ask, how did you achieve the cross-posting between MSDN Blogs and WordPress. ?

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