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Did you Know – Size restriction in SQLExpress applies to only data file(s)?

Posted by blakhani on July 19, 2011

I was contacted by colleague of mine and he informed that he has seen 19 GB database size on SQL Express 2008 R2. He read that limit was 10 GB and asked is there any workaround to elevate the limit? 

So, as a follow-up to Guru’s post I did further research and found interesting information.

Size limitation mentioned in his post are actually limit for data file(s) only. Which means I can have a database for total size more than specified in his post’s table. Actually this makes sense to me because log file is for recovery purpose not to store user data.

Also, this limit does not include filestream data (this is tricky to track) because user can store many images, more than 10 GB and still stay within the limit.

Happy learning!

Balmukund Lakhani
Twitter @blakhani


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