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“Keep Databases Always Available–AlwaysOn”–TechEd 2012 India

Posted by blakhani on March 20, 2012


Title: Keep Databases Always Available–AlwaysOn

Date and Time: 23 March 2012, 14:15 to 15:15

Track – Know Your Data – A Day in Life of a DBA

If you see someone with black & red bag with SQL Server 2012 written on it at TechEd 2012, stop him and say “Hello” because mostly it would be me (If it’s someone else, he would know me). Yes! Once again I got chance to speak at TechEd India 2012 which is being held at Bangalore from March 21-23, 2012. I am getting ready with RTM build of SQL Server 2012 to demonstrate AlwaysOn feature of SQL Server 2012. While this is not the first time I am presenting AlwaysOn but I always enhance it and keep it up-to-date with the current release of SQL Server. I am super excited to be there along with Pinal Dave [B | T], Vinod Kumar [B | T], Amit Banerjee [B | T] and Jacob Sebastian [B | T]

Abstract: This session will describe how to build practical end-to-end HA and DR solutions for mission critical applications using SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn technology. For example, how to combine Failover Cluster Instances with Availability Groups to provide a complete HA and DR solution, how to use Availability Groups Multiple Secondaries to replace existing database mirroring + log shipping solutions. Readable Secondaries, backup on secondaries are some of the cool features which will be covered.

Location: Hotel Lalit Ashok – Kumara Krupa High Grounds, Bengaluru – 560001, Karnataka, India.

There are various other posts about TechEd 2012. Pinal and Vinod posted summary of about various sessions [here and here].  Vinod and Amit also posted about their own sessions. I liked Manas post which has link to various blogs

Since myself, Amit, Pinal and Vinod belong to different workgroups, this is a chance to meet all of us at the same place. This is the last and final call for all folks who don’t want to miss the fun and want to “Go Big”!

Come and Join us!


4 Responses to ““Keep Databases Always Available–AlwaysOn”–TechEd 2012 India”

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  2. pinaldave said

    Excellent write up!

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    […]“Keep Databases Always Available–AlwaysOn”–TechEd 2012 India « Help: SQL Server[…]…

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