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Solution: The file "MDF" is compressed but does not reside in a read-only database or filegroup. The file must be decompressed.

Posted by blakhani on May 22, 2014

Recently I was trying to create a database on my SQL Instance using below command

( NAME = N'MyDatabase', FILENAME = N'E:\BlogContent\DatabaseFiles\MyDatabase.mdf')
( NAME = N'MyDatabase_log', FILENAME = N'E:\BlogContent\DatabaseFiles\MyDatabase_log.ldf')

But encountered below error

Msg 5118, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
The file "E:\BlogContent\DatabaseFiles\MyDatabase.mdf" is compressed but does not reside in a read-only database or filegroup. The file must be decompressed.
Msg 1802, Level 16, State 4, Line 1
CREATE DATABASE failed. Some file names listed could not be created. Check related errors.

Error giving hint about some kind of compression. So if we look at the folder which is specified E:\BlogContent\DatabaseFiles it was in blue color.


Blue color actually indicates that folder is compressed. Right Click on folder, go to “Properties” and click on “Advanced…”


The checkbox “Compress contents to save disk space” is checked which means compression is enabled. Once we uncheck the box, we should be able to create database.

Here is official stand about compression (SQL Server databases are not supported on compressed volumes). There is a great blog by Ken Henderson on this topic detailing the ramifications and I would encourage you to read it 

If we try to restore a database and keep files on compressed folder, same error is raised (in SQL 2014 Management Studio)

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
Restore of database 'MyDatabase' failed. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.RelationalEngineTasks)
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: The file "E:\BlogContent\DatabaseFiles\MyDatabase.mdf" is compressed but does not reside in a read-only database or filegroup. 
The file must be decompressed. (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoExtended)
For help, click: ------------------------------ BUTTONS: OK ------------------------------

Hope this helps!


  • Cheers,
  • Balmukund Lakhani
  • Twitter @blakhani
  • Author: SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOnPaperback, Kindle
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    33 Responses to “Solution: The file "MDF" is compressed but does not reside in a read-only database or filegroup. The file must be decompressed.”

    1. manu said

      Thanks for sharing.

    2. Thanks for this, saved me a lot of time troubleshooting!

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      Very useful, thank you very much

    4. Very Good !!

      Thanks for sharing !!

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      it works! thanks for sharing!

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      This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post.
      Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks!

    7. lunarwolfs said

      Thanks. It worked for me

    8. Thanks: that was the problem when I tried to restore a database.

    9. yosef said

      how handle this by c#?

    10. Sadia said

      Thanks it saved my time

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      i don’t know how to express my special thank to You!! all i can say is thank you for your constructive guide!!!! 🙂

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      Awesome Solution. Saved so much time. Highly Appreciated

    14. Thank you my friend, you saved a lot of my time.

    15. ing said

      Thx. This article can solving my problem.

    16. Cebi said

      This also helped me, thanks.

    17. Ken T said

      We were trying to restore a user DB today and were failing with this error. Unchecking that compression attribute on the folder worked for us. I originally thought the issue might have been that we were handed a compressed Avamar backup from our server team; but now I’m thinking a creation or restore ANY formatted DB would have failed until we took this action. Thanks.

    18. Edward said

      Well done.. I finally i can work fine

    19. avanthi nagar said

      Thanks for sharing worked for me.

    20. leandro sardinha said

      Thank you very much… saved my day

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      thanks stuck in it for about 2 hours.thank you again

    22. Thanks, this worked!

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      Thank you too. Saved my time.

    24. JermsTheITGuy said

      OMG Hours I spent searching for this. Thank You so Much!!!!!!

    25. DonkeyKong said

      Database ‘SSISDB’ does not exist. Make sure that the name is entered correctly. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 911

      just want to leave this here so that anyone else with this problem can hopefully get pointed her sooner than I was!! THANK YOU!

    26. Kuldip said

      Thanks for sharing this.

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