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Tips and Tricks : Delete Complete History and Settings of Management Studio

Posted by blakhani on July 15, 2014

How many times you have browsed internet and cleared complete history of Internet Explorer (or any other browser)? I have done it many times and due to various reasons. Few days back one of my friend asked that how can same thing be achieved in SQL Server 2014 Management Studio? His goal was to delete all the saved setting of management studio for his login. This would include:

  • Server List and Login credentials saved on login screen.
  • History of reports launched – (Read Pinal’s blogs)
  • Settings change in Object Explorer Details like sorting and ordering of columns.
  • All setting which are saved under Tools > Options in menu bar.

(This does NOT effect registered severs list)

This all information is saved under file SQLStudio.bin.

Below is the file in SQL 2012 Management Studio. (Go to start>run> and paste below path)

%appdata%\Microsoft\SQL Server Management Studio\11.0\SqlStudio.bin

Below is the file in SQL 2014 Management Studio.

%appdata%\Microsoft\SQL Server Management Studio\12.0\SqlStudio.bin


In earlier version of SQL Server (before SQL 2012), the path was different. Refer Jonathan’s blog

Hope this helps.

  • Cheers,
  • Balmukund Lakhani
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  • Author: SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOnPaperback, Kindle
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