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SQL SERVER SETUP – The syntax of argument "/SKIPRULES" is incorrect

Posted by blakhani on April 2, 2015

While running SQL Server setup I have faced below error today. You may not get this error unless you run it from command line.


here is the text of the message.

TITLE: SQL Server Setup failure.
SQL Server Setup has encountered the following error:

The syntax of argument "/SKIPRULES" is incorrect. Either the delimiter ‘=’ is missing or there is one or more space characters before the delimiter ‘=’. Please use /? to check usage.
Error code 0x84B40001.
For help, click:



Here is the command which I was trying

setup.exe Action=/InstallFailoverCluster /SkipRules = "Cluster_VerifyForErrors"

Error message is very clear in telling the problem with the command. If we read complete message with patience, it says there is a space. Here is the correct version of command. Note that I have removed space after SkipRules Parameter and “=”.

setup.exe Action=/InstallFailoverCluster /SkipRules="Cluster_VerifyForErrors"

The reason I have to go with command line setup is because I was not able to install SQL Cluster from UI and here was the message.


Hope this helps.


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