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Speaking at GIDS 2014 – My Sessions Detail

Posted by blakhani on April 22, 2014

As a part of my knowledge sharing passion, this week I would be speaking at The Great Indian Developer Conference (GIDS). With over 25000 attendees benefiting over six game changing editions, GIDS is the gold standard for India’s software developer ecosystem. Here are the details.

Event Date: April 22-25, 2014 (Tuesday-Friday)
Event Location: J. N. Tata Auditorium
National Science Symposium Complex (NSSC)
Sir C.V.Raman Avenue, Bangalore, India

The location of the event (IISc, Bangalore) is close to my heart as I have done my M.Tech. (1999 Aerospace batch) from there. I have my sweet memories associated. If I get time, I would go and meet my professors.

This year, I have two sessions lined up in GIDS DATA & TUTORIALS Day – Friday, April 25th

Lazy Commit Like NoSQL with SQL Server

45 mins | GIDS.DATA | Conference | 14:05-14:50 (Apr 25)

With every release of SQL Server there is something new that gets added into the product that we rarely notice. One of this capability is to differ on commit data to persistent disk. SQL Server has always used the Write Ahead Logging a.k.a WAL for ages together to maintain consistency. With new innovations coming into picture, we wanted to expand on a slightly different behavior which most of the NoSQL databases claim, lazy commit. For highly transactional systems or systems that are getting into a bottleneck because of WAL process at the IO subsystem. this feature will greatly help. There are tons of caveats that come as part of this implementation and in this session we will do a quick tour on how this can be achieved. We will also talk about the capability of having a data on a completely non-durable mode and just into memory based structure. These new capabilities are fun to work with and have unique scenarios which we can enable for modern applications and SQL Server 2014.

Hidden Secrets and Gems of SQL Server We Bet You Never Knew

150 mins | GIDS.Tutorials | Conference |  15:00-17:45 (Apr 25)

It really amazes us every time when someone says SQL Server is an easy tool to handle and work with. Microsoft has done an amazing work in making working with complex relational database a breeze for developers and administrators alike. Though it looks like child’s play for some, the realities are far away from this notion. The basics and fundamentals though are simple and uniform across databases, the behavior and understanding the nuts and bolts of SQL Server is something we need to master over a period of time. With a collective experience of more than 30+ years amongst the speakers on databases, we will try to take a unique tour of various aspects of SQL Server and bring to you life lessons learnt from working with SQL Server. We will share some of the trade secrets of performance, configuration, new features, tuning, behaviors, T-SQL practices, common pitfalls, productivity tips on tools and more.
This is a highly demo filled session for practical use if you are a SQL Server developer or Administrator. The speakers will be able to stump you and give you answers on almost everything inside the Relational database called SQL Server.

Above is the first session done by Pinal, Vinod and myself on the stage! I am really excited about that.

Along with me, my dear friends Pinal (b|t) and Vinod (b|t) would also be speaking at GIDS. Here is the list of sessions by them on their blog.
Vinod –

If you are coming to event, find me and don’t hesitate to say hello.



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Coverage Report: SQL Server Bangalore User Group Meeting # 2 – @ 22 December 2012

Posted by blakhani on December 23, 2012

After missing first SQL Server Bangalore UG meet due to team outing, I was ready to meet all my old friends at second SQL Server UG meet yesterday. First of all, Thanks to Vinod (B|T) for starting the idea of SQL Server Bangalore User Group and making it popular on social networking (Facebook and Twitter #SQLBangUG) I have been active on facebook page to help someone who is in need. Feel free to join the group.

As expected, I was able to meet Kamlesh (B|T), Manas (b|t), Sahal (b|t), Sandip (b|t), Sudeepta (b|t) (names are in alphabetical order) from the community. We missed Pinal (b|t)this time as he was not available in town.

Here is the highlights of the whole event as tweeted by me and others. Series of back to back session were suppose to start at 10:30 AM IST and room was getting full. Due to change in venue (from Signature building to Embassy building) there were some folks who were little late.


Myself and other speakers were sitting at last bench.

image imageimage

First session was by one of our expert, Kamlesh. His session “Better together: Excel + SQL for Database Developers” was full of demo.



Second session was by Microsoft Premier Field Engineer, Sourabh Agarwal (b|t). His session, Intro to Indexing – Basics rediscovered, was really to cover the basics and show the internals.

  • @napsterreturns presenting on Indexes (11:02 AM)


  • @napsterreturns talking about IAM page (11:04 AM)
  • @napsterreturns talks about data page and index page types. If you didnt know IAM is pagetype 10.(11:10 AM)
  • IAM page id is 10, data page id is 1, index page id is 2 (11:10 AM)
  • @napsterreturns showing DBCC IND and DBCC PAGE outputs.#SQLBangUGmeeting … Mixed extends discussed now (11:12 AM)
  • demo on uses of DBCC IND@napsterreturns (11:12 AM)
  • Now Non-Clustered Index definition. How is structure for Clustered Index and Heap rows. @napsterreturns (11:20 AM)
  • what is plan for queries written?@napsterreturns discusses the basics of Clustered, Non-Clustered and Heap using queries … (11:27 AM)
  • SQL is a cost based optimizer @napsterreturns the basics of INDEX simplified with lots of DEMOs. (11:30 AM)
  • What a perfect timing.. at 11:30 – session was ended. (11:30 AM)

Again, a big round of applauses and Vinod introduced our next speaker, Amit Banerjee (b|t) and his session was “Knowing sp_server_diagnostics output” A feature which is not known to mant DBA. He showed some fantastic demos and shared his nice reports to read that information.


  • @banerjeeamit started his session at #SQLBangUG"System Health Session” (11:36 AM)
  • @banerjeeamit shwoing the System health check using "Extended Events" (11:37 AM)
  • @banerjeeamit shows the Extended Events for System Health. Explains the details.#SQLBangUG. Blocking using Extended Events … Demo !!!(11:38 AM)
  • @banerjeeamit talks about Logon errors, Netowrk erros, Lock Waits using default System Health session. (11:47 AM)
  • How can we find the CPU and Memory of SQL Server 15 mins back? @banerjeeamit is making #SQLBangUGmembers think !!! It is Ring Buffer DMV. (11:49 AM)
  • @banerjeeamit showing magical report generated with system health session#SQLBangUG learning Free monitoring!! (11:52 AM)
  • Corrupt pages can also be tracked via sp_server_diagnostics.@banerjeeamit in#SQLBangUG. Now showing failed IO sub system. (11:56 AM)
  • When the issue happened, long IO, which file …SQL Server Health Session Dashboard …. #SQLBangUGby @banerjeeamit (11:56 AM)
  • Great session by@banerjeeamit#SystemHealthSessions (12:01 PM)

And then, I was the next one to speak about, Basics of Backups with SQL Server. My topic was not so new to deliver and to make it more interesting I added few interesting slides. I was able to keep audience awake after 3 heavy sessions. Here is the commentary of my session.


After my session, we had enough time left before close-out so Vinod did a session about Excel feature Flash Fill. All in the room were shocked and surprised with this feature. Here are the highlights of his amazing session.




Here are the tweets which came in after the meeting.


Presentation content for the session is here:

Amit – Refer his blog
Balmukund – Basics of Backups with SQL Server
Kamlesh – Better together: Excel + SQL for Database Developers
Sourabh – Intro to Indexing – Basics rediscovered
Vinod – no ppt only live demos.

That’s all from my side. This was Balmukund, reporting on wordpress about SQLBangUG#2. Hope you have enjoyed it!


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