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Linux Learning : How to get IP Address using command line? What is equivalent of IPCONFIG in Linux?

Posted by blakhani on August 23, 2016

Recently, I created a Linux Ubuntu VM in my Hyper-V environment. To connect, I was using PuTTY tool and was getting “Access Denied” error. On the other hand, I was able to connect using Hyper-V console. Here is what I mean

I knew that I am definitely trying to connect to some other Ubuntu machine in my corporate network. All I need to figure out was the IP Address of my VM and connect using IP Address instead of the name. I took help from in-house expert Pradeep (b | t) and he showed me the magical command.

In Windows, we are used to use IPCONFIG to know the IP address of a Windows machine. In the same way, IFCONFIG is the command in Linux. Since I was able to connect using Hyper-V console, I ran the magical command.

It showed the IP Address ( and then I came back to PuTTy and provided IP to connect and Voilà, I was able to get it!

This might be something known to many (like Pradeep) but still unknown to few (like me) so sharing via blog.



3 Responses to “Linux Learning : How to get IP Address using command line? What is equivalent of IPCONFIG in Linux?”

  1. Sir,
    The other way to the find the ip address is to execute the command “ip a” on putty/ubuntu terminal. It also display the IP address configured on the machine.

  2. BhavyaArora said

    Where are you sir. 1 year passed and no blog.

    Please write about discrepancy between versions reported by different tools in SQL server.

    E.g. In discovery report showing Sp3, while @@version showing SP4.


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