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Linux Learning : How to get IP Address using command line? What is equivalent of IPCONFIG in Linux?

Posted by blakhani on August 23, 2016

Recently, I created a Linux Ubuntu VM in my Hyper-V environment. To connect, I was using PuTTY tool and was getting “Access Denied” error. On the other hand, I was able to connect using Hyper-V console. Here is what I mean

I knew that I am definitely trying to connect to some other Ubuntu machine in my corporate network. All I need to figure out was the IP Address of my VM and connect using IP Address instead of the name. I took help from in-house expert Pradeep (b | t) and he showed me the magical command.

In Windows, we are used to use IPCONFIG to know the IP address of a Windows machine. In the same way, IFCONFIG is the command in Linux. Since I was able to connect using Hyper-V console, I ran the magical command.

It showed the IP Address ( and then I came back to PuTTy and provided IP to connect and Voilà, I was able to get it!

This might be something known to many (like Pradeep) but still unknown to few (like me) so sharing via blog.



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