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Virtual TechDays Slides on AlwaysOn and Good Practices

Posted by blakhani on September 29, 2011

Today I was fortunate enough to deliver two online sessions via virtual techdays. I have been asked to share the slide deck. So here I am uploading the presentation.

1. Tips for Successful SQL Server Deployment in Enterprise Environment.pptx
Abstract : SQL Server performs best when it is setup keeping all the best practices in consideration. In this session we will learn various deployment tricks and tips which will SQL Server to perform at its best all the time. Presenter will demonstrate few tricks which are not common but can improve performance dramatically.

2. High Availability – A Story from Past to Future.pptx

In this session we will go over various aspect of High Availability. This feature has moved a long way and have taken different shape during the years. We will understand the features past capabilities and how it has been enhanced with new versions ‘Denali’. Here, I have covered below topics
a. Log-Shipping
b. Database Mirroring
c. AlwaysOn features like Backup on Secondary, Readable Secondary, Multiple Secondary to name a few.

The recording and ppt would be officially available after some days on

Hope you would enjoy it!

Balmukund Lakhani
Twitter @blakhani


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